my Name is Ina Zahlten, I'm born 1965 and

I'm the breeder of

Sparrow's Nightmare Maine Coon Cats

Bernd - beloved husband since 26 wonderful years.

I’ve been breeding Maine Coons since March 1999 – it’s a fine complement to the demands of caring for two handicapped foster children. All cats - males and females are living with us - they can use  all rooms in our house - except the children´s bedrooms and our bathroom. We don't hold them separate, or in separate rooms or cages - they are beloved family members.

Pictures taken in our living room ...

helping with the shopping list.

Chilling out in the afternoon ... sweet fruits ...

in fruit bowls.

Couch potato.

Sleeping room in the afternoon ...

Evening ... cosy moments in the living room with our wonderful boy Geordie.

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© Ina Zahlten