Helkenberg Godiva, 07. August 2002, silver classic torbie w/white
Helkenberg Feingold
The Sympathycats Onslow The Dorsai African Blues Phoenix Frost Fire of The Dorsai
The Dorsai Altair
La Laitic Star Charo
 N'Kosi of Firthkatz
Clovis Pandy of Starbushway
St.John Reblis Timtor  Coonyham Buster Brown Coonyham Navarro, OS
 Cooncreole Evangeline of Coonyham, OD
Colocoons Silver Sprite Edencoon Desert Sand of Cameocoons
Capecoon Sasha
Helkenberg Enya  Novacoons Jerry of Superstars  Idlemaine Late Night Illusion Terrificats P.C. Gambit, DM
Magicoons Song & Dance of Idlemaine, DM
Mainelycats Sheba of Novacoons Coonquest Tycoon
Canyon Creek Chloe of Mainelycats
 Alvara v. Helkenberg  Apollo of Fantasie Island Merlin Lord of Chandoran
Arapao v. Lechtenberg
Wild Fellow Laura Jane Keiser-Coon Barbarossa
Eldian Tanusha


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